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State Continues Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

Illinois officials continue to remind residents that human trafficking remains a problem. 

It can include being forced to perform labor or work as a prostitute, and often involves minors.  George Sheldon directs the state’s Department of Children and Family Services.  He says there have been 821 allegations of child sex trafficking in the state since 2011.  

"So it's important for the public to understand the signs of trafficking, by getting involved, calling 911, by calling the Department of Children and Family Services Abuse and Neglect Hotline (1-800-25-ABUSE), and to learn more about this scourge."

These include signs of physical harm, spending a lot of time with an older boyfriend or girlfriend, isolation from friends and family, and frequently running away. 

The state is teaming up with Polaris and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas to run anti-trafficking ads on 20 digital billboards across the Chicago area.  However, Sheldon says trafficking occurs all across the state.  

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