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Chicago Police Superintendent Says Not Enough Attention Paid To Shootings Of Children

There were 762 homicides in Chicago last year, a rate that's at its highest since 1997. 


A WBEZ review of police data shows 41 shootings involved children younger than 14. They were either killed or wounded from the incidents. Superintendent Eddie Johnson says fewer than 10 percent of the incidents with children led to arrests.


"People just aren’t coming forward with that info that we need to solve these crimes," he said. "Because let’s face it, the police very rarely witness a shooting or a murder."


He also says police-involved incidents receive more community outrage than gang-related violence involving children.


“People just are not as outraged as they should be. Anytime a child gets injured as a result of someone firing a weapon, all of us should take pause for concern.”


Data show Chicago Police have made just three arrests in the 41 child-related shootings last year. To improve these numbers, Johnson plans to promote 350 new detectives over the next two years. 

  • Jessie Schlacks, Patrick Smith, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.