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Lee County Zoning Board Begins Approval Process For Mendota Hills Wind Farm Upgrades

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The Lee County Zoning Board started the process of approving upgrades to the Mendota Hills Wind Farm. 

The project involves tearing down the farm’s current set of wind turbines and replacing about half of them with more larger, more efficient models.  It would also expand the farm’s borders. 

Yesterday, the Board finalized language of motions summarizing evidence, public comment, and testimony from two previous meetings.   Saukvalley.com reports the motions will be part of the committee’s overall recommendation to the county board on whether to approve a special use permit.  

Mendotta Hills  is owned by Dallas-based Leeward Renewable Energy, and has been operating at a loss for about four years.  Asset manager Chris Green says says if the project is approved, construction could begin in May or June, with the turbines operational in October.  

Since the zoning board will reconvene on Sept.  26 and 27,  a recommendation won't be presented at the next full Lee County Board meeting.  However, the Board could call a special session prior to its Oct. 18 meeting.  

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