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New Midday Program Lineup For WNIJ

As you've probably heard by now, NPR is no longer producing and distributing Talk of the Nation. This gives us an opportunity to shuffle WNIJ's lineup a bit, streamlining our midday program schedule and offering you more NPR News in the middle of the day. Here are the highlights:

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Here and Now:  NPR is taking a considerable editorial stake in the revamped Here and Now to make it a strong complement to Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Jeremy Hobson joins Robin Young as co-host of the expanded Here and Now, which airs weekdays from 11am to 1pm on WNIJ.

Fresh Air:  The earlier start time for Here and Now means Fresh Air and Terry Gross have moved. You'll hear Terry's discussions with fascinating people about contemporary arts and issues at 2pm Monday through Thursday. Note that our evening rebroadcast of Fresh Air will no longer be available (see below).

The Takeaway:  WNIJ is very pleased to add a new program - The Takeaway - to our midday lineup. The Takeaway's host is John Hockenberry, who longtime listeners might remember as the original host of Talk of the Nation. The Takeaway is an hour of unique conversations about topics of the day with both newsmakers and diverse voices. You'll hear The Takeaway each weekday afternoon at 1pm.

Science FridayTalk of the Nation will be going away, but Science Friday with Ira Flatow will remain on our schedule, in a one-hour format, at 2pm Fridays.

The World:  Although most of the changes to WNIJ's lineup occur in the middle of the day, we're taking this opportunity to expand our news further into the evening with The World, each weekday at 7pm. As the name suggests, The World brings one-of-a-kind international stories home to America. Each weekday evening, host Marco Werman guides listeners through major issues and stories, linking global events directly to the American agenda. Adding The World to our weekday evenings means we no longer have an evening rebroadcast of Fresh Air (still available at 2pm Monday through Thursday) or This American Life on Friday (still available at 11am Saturdays).

Our new midday program schedule takes effect July 1st. We understand change isn't always easy, and we hope you'll listen to our new lineup and offer your opinions at npr@niu.edu. If you'd like to look at and/or print out a copy of our updated Program Schedule, you'll find one below. Thanks for listening to, and supporting, your NPR News Station, 89.5, WNIJ!