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Want To Manage Holiday Stress? University Of Illinois Extension Offers Free Health Webinars

Photo provided by U of I Extension.

If you are trying to avoid extra stress and pounds this holiday season, the University of Illinois Extension is offering “Health at Home Holiday Edition” webinars. 

Diane Reinhold is a nutrition and wellness educator with the Extension. She said the webinars are an opportunity to help people deal with seasonal challenges.

"Often we feel overwhelmed with the holidays," she said. "So taking 30 minutes out of your day to gain some skills and maybe laugh and have a little fun is our goal."

Reinhold said there are three webinars and each one will be taught by a different instructor. 

"Each of the presentations has a little different spin," she said.

The first webinar takes place on Dec. 1 from 6:30-7:00 p.m. It's called "Jolly Good Cooking For The Holidays - Substitutes, Swaps and Seasons Greetings." Reinhold said it's for youth and adults.

"It's going to help teach you and your child about cooking and nutrition during the holidays," she said. "Kids not only will get to try new foods that they're preparing under your supervision and guidance, but they're also going to get a boost to their confidence."

The second program is "Balancing Extra Calories Through The Holidays." It takes place on Dec. 8. "It's going to help you explore and identify portion distortion, Reinhold said, "and choices of foods that have extra calories that maybe you don't want."

The third and final program, on Dec. 15, is "Making A List And Checking It Twice." 

"We're going to increase awareness with regards to the role that stress plays on your health and wellness," she said. "We're going to help you set priorires to help you find ways to track your progress."

All webinars are free and each last 30 minutes. To register, click here.