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DeKalb Municipal Band Accepted To Play In Normandy, France

Jenna Dooley
File Photo: A family watches a DeKalb Municipal Band Independence Day-themed concert.

The DeKalb Municipal Band may be traveling abroad next summer to celebrate the anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France.

DeKalb Municipal Band conductor Kirk Lundbeck says he submitted the application for the band to perform in France back in April.

“I mean, it was one of those things, where, ‘Oh, what the heck, I might as well try it,’” Lundbeck said. “Kind of like buying a lottery ticket; what’s it going to hurt?”

And, to Lundbeck’s surprise, the band was chosen to be the one from Illinois to play in Normandy.

“I know that we are capable of performing in France for the United States, and represent the United States, but I didn’t think the odds were going to be in our favor,” Lundbeck said.

Lundbeck says there were initial safety concerns due to the recent unrest in Europe. However, he says he was assured that extra precautions would be taken. Lundbeck says fundraising for the $175,000 total bill could begin in a couple months after he speaks to a few potential sponsors.

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