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Canadian Wildfire Brings Hazy Conditions To Northern Illinois

Jessie Schlacks

A smoky haze from a Canadian forest fire settled across Northern Illinois this morning.

A representative from the National Weather Service says the smoke is rolling across Lake Michigan, also affecting parts of Michigan and Wisconsin.

This morning, the National Weather Service in Milwaukee tweeted that "smoke from wildfires in western Canada has been pulled into southern Wisconsin behind last night's cold front."

Little information is available about the wildfire. Effects are expected at least through today, but may continue depending on how the fire is handled.

The DeKalb Police Department issued a statement about the hazy conditions:

Gusty northeast winds are bringing down clouds of smoke in the jet stream from forest fires up in Canada. This smoke has reduced visibility down to 3 miles, and in some cases even less. As a result of the smoke people are reporting sinus headaches, breathing issues and other discomforts. The smoke should start to dissipate after 5 PM today as the winds die down and the smoke settles out of the sky. However, this might occur again tomorrow as northeast winds once again pick up and direct the smoke from Canada into our area.