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Autopsy Of Dead Joliet Toddler Is Inconclusive


The Will County coroner's office is reporting inconclusive results from the autopsy of a 16-month-old girl whose body was found in a northern Illinois home.

In a statement, the office said further study is needed to determine why Semaj Crosby was found dead early Thursday. Final results will depend on toxicology results and the police investigation.

Will County Sheriff's Department Deputy Chief Rick Ackerson said during a news conference that the child's death was “suspicious.''

Ackerson would not identify any suspects but says the Joliet Township house where the woman lived with her children was crowded with as many as 15 "squatters'' who lived in what he called "deplorable'' conditions.

He says detectives started to talk to the mother but stopped after someone else who lived at the house pounded on a wall and shouted for her to stop talking. The mother has retained an attorney, who Ackerson says has not allowed her to speak further.

Authorities say the mother only reluctantly let them search the home hours after they asked.

The little girl was the subject of an intense manhunt from Tuesday evening until late Wednesday night, when her body was found inside the house, which is located about 40 miles southwest of Chicago. Atkinson would not say exactly where the girl's body was found.