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DeKalb County Health Department Plans For Future After Ballot Defeat

DeKalb County voters rejected a ballot measure related to funding health services. It would have increased property taxes to cover recent declines in grant-funded programs. Those grants support maternal health programs, emergency preparedness, and environmental health efforts. Lisa Gonzalez is DeKalb County's public health administrator.  

"If something doesn't change at the state level, meaning that there is not more opportunity for additional funding, or they don't reinstate some of the cuts that we've seen, we'll have to begin to look at reduction of services or elimination of services."

44 percent voted in favor of the proposal, but 56 percent voted against.

"We will continue to move forward and try to sustain our services as long as we can," Gonzalez said. "We are hoping that the community is more aware of the services that we provide and of the value that we have in the community."


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