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Illinois' New, Former Comptrollers Have Battle Of Words

A battle of words has broken out between Illinois' former and current comptrollers after Democrat Susana Mendoza said her new offices felt ``looted.''

Mendoza tells WLS-AM radio on Sunday's ``Connected to Chicago'' show that when she took over for Republican Leslie Munger this month there was furniture removed, documents missing and keys that didn't match locks. Mendoza defeated Munger in the November general election.

Mendoza said she couldn't make a ``definitive statement'' on if ``pilfering'' was involved.

In response, Munger called Mendoza's claim ``outrageous.'' Munger told the Chicago Sun-Times that the former Chicago city clerk made the statements to damage Munger's image ``and if she continues it, I intend to sue her.''

Munger said there was a full inventory with no missing items belonging to the state.

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