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Illinois GOP Challenges Democrat Who Hasn't Entered The Governor Race


Illinois Republicans are already attacking a possible Democratic candidate for governor who hasn’t even announced if he’s running.

An ad prepared by the Illinois Republican Party, mostly funded by incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner, begins with this voiceover:

“J.B. Pritzker wants to run for governor. But how well do really know Pritzker?”

And the party’s been making robocalls to voters focusing on former Gov. Rod Blagojevich being secretly recorded by federal agents, wondering aloud if J.B. Pritzker would help him.

Pritzker did not take part in the call and was never accused of wrongdoing in connection with the ousted and convicted former governor.

Pritzker's spokesman reportedly says Rauner should have better things to do than dredge up the crazy rantings of Blagojevich.

Cross-party attacks this early in an electoral contest are very unusual.

No Democrats have said they definitely are running for governor yet.

U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin has specifically removed himself from contention for the seat.

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