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Officials Say Fatality Rates Were Record Low During Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

Illinois State Police say that the 2016 Thanksgiving holiday travel period had the lowest fatality rate since 2011, according to a news release.

The travel period included the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through midnight on the following Sunday.

There were three fatal crashes/fatalities this holiday period, which was a drastic increase from the past couple years. 

During the holiday period, officers took actions to address the "Fatal Four" moving violations: speeding, driving under the influence, not wearing a seatbelts, and distracted driving.

ISP say extra emphasis was placed on DUI enforcement. 

A summary of results from Illinois State Police:

  • 6,473 Total Citations
  • 4,511 Total Warnings
  • 3,732 Speeding Citations
  • 569 Seatbelt Citations
  • 120 DUI Arrests
  • 1,165 Motorist Assisted
  • 381 Crashes Handled
  • 617 Commercial Motor Vehicles Inspected
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