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WNIJ's summary of news items around our state.

Weather Experts Outline Expected Winter Conditions In Illinois


The National Weather Service released its outlook for November and following months.

It says climate pattern “La Niña,” which is known for sea surface temperatures dropping lower-than-normal, could make a presence this year.

However, State Climatologist Jim Angel says it could be weak.

“There’s only a 55 percent chance of it sticking around," Angel said. "If it fades, all bets are off for this winter. And some models are even suggesting that we could have a warmer than average winter.”

He adds that certain regions of the state could see more snowfall than usual.

“Parts of eastern and northern Illinois have an increased chance of above average precipitation, which typically means more snow in the winter time,” Angel said.

Forecasters say most winters in the state are not all unrelenting bitter cold and snow; they include mixtures of periods with mild weather and more severe conditions.