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Rauner Signs Measure To Curb Gun Trafficking

Flickr user Ryo Chijiiwa / "Tommy Guns" (CC BY 2.0)

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner today signed into law a measure that would increase the sentences for illegal gun sales.

People with a record of firearms offenses who try to sell guns will face harsher penalties.

Rauner says the law targets so-called straw purchasers.

“Now, someone who’s bringing guns into the state to sell, just bringing them in for that purpose, we can now go after them and we can prosecute them in a very aggressive way,” Rauner said.

The measure imposes a sentence of up to 20 years for a first offense and up to 30 years for a second one.

A report from the Chicago mayor's office concluded that a majority of the guns used in Chicago are traced to neighboring states.  

The bill passed earlier this year with the support of Democrats, Republicans, and the National Rifle Association.

  • The Associated Press and Tony Arnold contributed to this report.
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