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Fox Lake Officers Suspended For Unnecessary Force

Three Fox Lake police officers have been disciplined for taking part in a physical altercation last December.

Detective Jason Baldowsky, Police Officer Shane Campion, and Police Officer Eric Ewald received suspensions from 10 to 30 days for their actions on Dec. 5, 2014.

Authorities released a video of the incident Friday.

Two cameras mounted in a cellblock captured officers mishandling an intoxicated arrestee behaving erratically. The video displayed officers shoving the man into a concrete seating area, where Detective Baldowsky placed his hand around the male’s neck.

The arrestee was moved to another cell and pushed into a wall and door. This caused him to hit his head.

According to a news release, the three officers accepted responsibility for their role in the incident and acknowledged wrongdoing. Their conduct violations include willful mistreatment of others, conduct unbecoming, failure to report violation of rules, and bringing discredit upon Fox Lake Police Department.

Soon after the incident, Police Chief Michael Behan conducted a review and imposed discipline to one officer.

In August, Village Administrator Anne Marrin wanted to determine whether Behan’s review was thorough and comprehensive. Marrin found additional information that was not considered in the original inquiry.

The Village hired an investigator to analyze video evidence, review all documents and reports, and interview the arrestee and officers involved.

Results led to the three being charged with violating rules and regulations. Officials say they are currently serving their suspensions.

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