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State Police Watch For 'Fatal Four' During Thanksgiving Travels

Illinois State Police

State police are ramping up efforts to keep roadways safe during the busy holiday season.

There have been 821 fatal traffic accidents so far this year. That’s 58 more than this time last year.

Trooper Erin Lanthrop is a safety education officer with the Illinois State Police. She says authorities have placed emphasis on preventing the number from rising.

"The number of fatal crashes has actually gone up this year. So, that’s another reason why we have extra people out there with an increased volume of traffic. We definitely want more troopers out there trying to make the roadways safer," Lanthrop said.

Police are looking for what they call “the Fatal Four”—speeding, DUI, seatbelts, and distracted driving.

State police will also be conducting road side safety checks and assisting people with mechanical issues.

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