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No Injuries, Deaths In Whiteside County Storm Aftermath

Whiteside County suffered a lot of crop damage during Monday's storms, but structural damage was not nearly as devastating as the April tornado in Fairdale.

That's according to Chief Sheriff's Deputy Andrew Henson.

Henson says a lot of damaged homes are salvageable, despite trees falling on them. He says no one in the area was hurt or injured during the storms, but anyone passing through should still exercise caution. 

"Even though [the] storm's over, there [are] still hazards out there." 

Henson says travelers should be on the lookout for live power lines and hanging tree branches. He says most of the flash flooding receded, but drivers should still be careful on the roads.

The total rainfall in the area was about four inches. 

The Sauk Valley Gazette reports Ridgewood Drive in Morrison suffered the worst storm damage in the county seat.

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