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'Low Budget' Radio Hosts Fix Rockford Clock Tower


Rather than sit back and say someone else should fix it, two northern Illinois radio hosts took the initiative to fix one of Rockford’s most well-known landmarks.

Jim Stone and Terry Turan are known as “Stone and Double T” on their low-budget morning show on 104.9 WXRX. Turan says they have always talked about the four sides of the clock tower never being on the same and correct time, but the conversation never went further than that.

They went to see the world’s tallest thermometer a couple of years ago during a vacation around California and Nevada. Turan says the thermometer was broken when they arrived.

“And we were, like, so disappointed when that happened, when we got there and the thermometer didn’t work.”

Turan says he and Stone learned that a family bought the thermometer so they could fix it, and they became inspired. Turan and Stone didn’t want Rockford newcomers to feel the same disappointment they did with the thermometer in Baker, California, so they bought the lease for the clock tower last month.

Mike Schablaske is the executive director for Transform Rockford. He says the project is symbolic for the change in attitude and spirit that he hopes to see in the city.

“The transformation of a community isn’t being done by an organization or a group of people--it’s being done by a community.”

Turan said construction for the tower will begin in the spring, but fundraising could begin as soon as January. He says repair quotes for the clock range from $3,000 to $15,000. Any volunteers interested in helping with the project can contact Stone and Turan here.