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Illinois Students Will Be Excused From School To Play Taps At Military Funerals

Flickr user Beverly & Pack and Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley / "Taps, Bugle, Army, Military Funeral, Arlington National Cemetery" (CC v 2.0)

Illinois students in grades six through twelve will be able to get excused absences from school for playing Taps at military funerals starting next month. 

Republican Rep. Donald Moffitt says it can be hard for military families to find trumpet players to perform Taps.

“The pool of Taps players isn't real big,” Moffitt said. “If they feel that it would be more meaningful to have a live playing of taps, this definitely would increase the potential of [having] someone available.” 

Moffitt sponsored the bill after a suggestion from a trumpet-playing student from his district. The student participated in the process of getting the bill passed.

“This was really almost a civics lesson for this young man,” Moffitt said. “He wants to honor veterans. His objective was to have a more meaningful option out there for families.”

Under the new law, students will have to make up any work they miss while out of school to play Taps.

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