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The STEM Read Podcast - Going Wild

Going Wild with Peter Brown and Dr. Holly Jones

In this episode of the STEM Read Podcast Gillian King-Cargile (@gkingcargile), Kristin Brynteson (@kbrynteson), and Melanie Koss (@melaniekoss) sit down with NIU Biology professor Holly Jones, Ph.D., and author of The Wild Robot Peter Brown (@itspeterbrown) to talk island ecosystems, endangered species, writing, and robotics. 

Northern Illinois University’s STEM Read is part of the NIU STEAM family of programs that explore science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Find more great books, lesson plans, and resources at stemread.com.  

The STEM Read Podcast is produced in collaboration with WNIJ.

Notes & External Links

·      The Wild Robotby Peter Brown

·      Holly Jones, Associate Professor of Biology at Northern Illinois University

·      Learn more about NIU’s Department of Biological Sciences

·      What is marine biology?  

·      What is biodiversity

·      What are invasive species

·      What would it be like to have a rat as a pet?

·      What is topography

·      Learn more about ecosystem engineers

·      What is a food web

·      Watch a giant pacific octopus camouflage

·      Meet the Ground Parrot

·      Learn more about Sirocco in, “Seduced By a Rare Parrot: What can conservationists learn from New Zealand’s official “spokesbird,” a YouTube celebrity who tries to mate with people’s heads?”

·      The Wild Robot Escapesby Peter Brown

·      Check out Peter Brown’s outlines, sketches, and revision process on his blog.

·      Creepy Carrotsand Creepy Pair of UnderwearWritten by Aaron Reynolds and Illustrated by Peter Brown

·      Children Make Terrible Petsand Mr. Tiger Goes Wildby Peter Brown

·      The Curious Gardenby Peter Brown

·      What is the High Line?

·      Who is Temple Grandin?

·      Predator-Prey Dynamics: The Role of Olfactionby Michael R. Conover

·      Learn more about our Field Trips from the Vault

·      Learn more about STEMFest 2019

·      Capeby Kate Hannigan 

·      Check out our lesson plans based on The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

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