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WNIJ's summary of news items around our state.

Illinois schools face deep cuts

Illinois schools would see $200 million in cuts in the budget approved by state lawmakers last week. An Associated Press analysissays if the governor signs the budget, Illinois would fall further behind in providing basic education funding for each student.

The report says when reductions in federal funds are included, the cuts would reach nearly $900 million. The plan would also reduce spending for early childhood education and free meals for low-income students.

State education officials say they're hopeful additional money would be generated to soften the financial blow to school districts. At the end of the spring session, Senate Democrats approved a pair of tax measures aimed at steering more money toward the classroom. The House would need to pass those measures in the fall, in order for the revenue streams to take effect.

Higher Education cuts

Illinois' new budget would reduce higher education spending by nearly 6 percent. That would result in $80 million dollars in cuts for public universities. For Northern Illinois University, that would mean a cut of nearly $6 million. 

The Monetary Award Program, which provides need-based grants to college students, would be hit with a 4 percent cut.  Grants to community colleges are also being trimmed by 4 percent.