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'Dialogue' and 'The Remaining, Mourn...' Exhibitions at the NIU Art Museum

'Dialogue' and 'The Remaining, Mourn...' Exhibitions at the NIU Art Museum

The NIU Art Museum presents two exhibitions, "Dialogue" and "The Remaining, Mourn..." Aug. 29-Oct. 14:

South Gallery

The concept of dialogue allows for issue awareness and resolution through listening. Its goal is understanding. The artists whose work is displayed in this exhibition have worked on lens-based projects that have grown and developed organically over the years.

This exhibition will feature selections from "Lines of Authority" by Alan Cohen, "Black Box" by Michael Coppage and "The Folded Map Project" by Tonika Lewis Johnson.

These artists have taken on big complex tasks and concepts and attempted to deal with them simply. It is the hope that their art projects can reach beyond a single look or conversation into an ongoing dialogue from which empathy, understanding and enlightenment can grow. The concerns of these artists are the concerns of a people, a city, a nation, the world.

Curated by Jo Burke.

The Remaining, Mourn…
North and Rotunda Galleries

"The Remaining, Mourn…" is a group exhibition addressing the experience of grieving as seen through the lens of nine artists’ practices. Through tactile artworks, they address both individual and collective loss. Holding materials as one would onto someone lost, these artists use various techniques to freeze a moment, allowing themselves time to process what remains as well as what is gone. Their materials, and the memories and emotions they evoke, become the "language" the artist use to create their own rituals to navigate grief/mourning and work toward healing.

The artists featured in this exhibition include Selva Aparicio, Michael Chambers, April Dauscha, Salvador Jiménez-Flores, Millicent Kennedy, Allen Moore, Monika Plioplyte, Nirmal Raja and Anne Wilson.

Cumulatively, these works and the stories they tell remind us that we—from family to community to civilization—are united by our vulnerability.

Curated by Michael Chambers and Millicent Kennedy.

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