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Sessions from Studio A - Michael Charles

Carl Nelson
Michael Charles performs in WNIJ's Studio A

Sessions from Studio A- Michael Charles

WNIJ’s Sessions for Studio A continues to be a hit for the bands to showcase their music. We were grateful to have Michael Charles in the studio, who gave such an energized performance. He has a blues voice rich with authenticity and is also famous with his exciting guitar solos. His band includes Michael Charles playing lead guitar and vocals, Dave playing the drums, and Dennis playing bass guitar.

Michael Charles was born and raised playing music in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Buddy Guy’s management contacted him and asked him to perform with Buddy in 1989. Since then, he decided that Chicago would be his permanent home. Since moving to the United States, Michael has played with Buddy Guy, Eddy Clearwater, Jimmy Dawkins and many other blues artists.

He has had many accomplishments such as being an eight time Grammy elected artist, he’s been featured on multiple television broadcasts, radio broadcasts and he was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. Releasing in spring 2018, Michael Charles will have a documentary of his career.

Michael Charles played a total of six songs from multiple albums and one of these songs hasn’t even been released yet! Most of the songs he played at Studio A came from two albums -- My Shadow and Cover Tunes – which are completely different from one another.

Michael Charles performs "The Tune (My Daddy Taught Me)" in WNIJ's Studio A.


·       The Tune (My Daddy Taught Me)

·       Most Times We Got It

·       Cover Tunes

·       All I Really Know

·       Work So Hard

·       Gave You My Heart

It was a pleasure having Michael Charles in Studio A. Michael Charles will continue his A to Z Tour reaching across the United States, Canada and Australia. Be sure to check him out at KJ McKeon’s in Morris, Ill. on March 10th, at http://michaelcharles.us/ or on Facebook @michaelcharles.us.   

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