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Snow Sculptors Get A Start On Their Creations

The 2016 Illinois Snow Sculpting Contest finally got underway Wednesday along the roadways of Sinnissippi Park in Rockford. Lack of snow had delayed the start by a week.

Several teams took advantage of the comparatively warm mid-afternoon weather to work on their snow blocks, made from manufactured snow due to the lack of suitable precipitation.

The team names defy attempts to guess the origins. They include such monikers as Vikings in Black, Kilted Snow Weasels, Quatsch-Men, The Band of Misfit Boys, and the Slacktastic 4.

Ryan Ehredt, a member of the Frieze Masons, said the weather was "good for the body, not so great for sculpting." He added, "We may have to sculpt a little thicker than we planned and hope it melts down to the right size."

Further up the road, Jodie Jones of Moxies Maxim wielded a saw as increasing clouds helped lower the temperature. "We manage to stay pretty warm," she said.

Carving will continue -- weather permitting -- from sunrise to 10:30 p.m. through Friday. Judging and awards presentations will be Saturday.

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