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Public Radio is concerned with helping students and members of the community develop professionally and advance their career skills.To that end, the WNIJ News team has developed "Public Radio 101" a seminar conducted by professional journalists from the WNIJ News team at the beginning of the academic semesters.

Public Radio 101 Testimonials

"One of the biggest things I learned and will still look back on, is how much my 'journalistic voice' has grown. Learning how to deliver the news is one of the biggest things to keep in mind as a news and sports anchor. The program is absolutely wonderful for young reporters or young journalists to get their feet wet in the industry. Getting to learn the tips and tricks from people who have been in it for so many years helped me both as a person and as a reporter as well." -Ethan Wiles, 13 WREX Sports Anchor

"Regardless of whether it's radio or TV, you really need to have a good eye for what's news and what's not, and working with everyone in WNIJ gave me that exposure to start thinking like a journalist." -Jerome Perales, WIFR-TV Producer

"As I am writing this, I have two former WNIJ students who are currently employed by 13 WREX. Both students are in leadership positions, which I believe is due to the valuable experience they had at WNIJ. Every single day, they come to work prepared to make an impact in our local communities by producing quality content for our station’s platforms. To make the transition from radio to television can be challenging, but – both former students have embraced the differences and are excelling in their positions. The reason I embrace hiring former WNIJ students is due to the coaching and training they are receiving at the station. Former students, who are now team members at 13 WREX, know the fundamental basics of high-quality journalism, which is important for us to be successful in serving our communities. I believe WNIJ is training the next generation of journalists to tell impactful stories. The former students that have joined our team have been prepared to carry on this torch due to their time at the station." -Gregory Deffenbaugh, News Director, 13 WREX.

"What I appreciated the most about the skills I learned during my time with WNIJ is how adaptable they are in any field of journalism. Because my internship was radio focused, I got to hone in on my writing, audio and delivery skills. Being an anchor, I recognize that creative writing and the tone and rhythm of my voice can be crucial in helping people connect with any story. In radio, you can’t rely on your facial expressions, graphics and videos to help tell your story. So by learning how to capture someone with their ears, I am able to grab a viewer’s attention and keep them engaged with more than sense of sight. WNIJ’s program is a unique program that gives you a real world experience and allows you to try new things. I was able to cover stories in my community and incorporate digital and video reporting into my coverage. This gave me the opportunity to report on different mediums in news and prepared me for the TV world of broadcast, digital and social media reporting." - Lauren Baker, WITN-TV Morning and Noon anchor

"I am grateful to have my first experience in the journalism field working with the WNIJ team. I was able to cultivate a strong foundation in writing and style, storytelling and finding ways to reach a variety of audiences. Being able to grow alongside talented journalists who share a passion to inform our community sparked my interest in the field. I was fascinated with the way broadcasting works ever since I was little. Now with the ability to encompass both as a News Producer, it is truly a dream come true. In addition to the gifted WNIJ staff, the atmosphere of the program allows you to learn in a supportive environment. Our editorial meetings provided a great example of how we decide the importance of stories. The ability to decipher what matters most to our community is crucial in continued success in this field. Those who decide to pursue the WNIJ program will find themselves very far along and will continue to use their skill sets each and everyday. -Rachel Sanchez, Senior Producer, 13 WREX