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Perspective: What has working from home done to us?


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Since everyone shifted to using their homes like their offices during COVID, a lot has changed.

Where we used to make do with whatever online meeting resources were available, we now have created new resources to allow us to work more effectively. By not having to leave in the morning, we save time and money on our commute.

We even get more work done in less time now, about 40 hours of work finished in 25 hours, with more time to do pesky chores and other tasks that pile up.

We gained so much extra time and became people who were wildly efficient and less stressed.

We were able to embrace new hobbies and return to old ones that were lost to time. Pet shelters experienced shortages as people looked for companionship in new places.

We were even able to take impromptu trips to just drive around or go out in nature whenever they felt like.

If we all know that working from home has made us happier, freer, and more fulfilled, why is there such a great urgency to return to that time, when we were busier and discontented?

I believe that returning to life as it was, is a move in the very wrong direction. We must embrace the changes our lives went through and continue down a path that makes life easier and more pleasant.

I'm Kelsey Cunningham and that is my perspective.

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Born and raised in Rockford, Kelsey Cunningham is a student at Northern Illinois University, pursuing her degree in Spanish Language and Culture. In her free time, she plays a lot of online games with her friends and takes care of her four cats.