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Statewide: A teacher helps students process a school shooting

Carter Staley/NPR Illinois

After the deadly elementary school shooting in Texas, a fifth grade teacher in Illinois said a student asked her "Would that happen here?”

“You are in a building of adults who will do whatever it takes to keep you safe,” she told them. We talk with teacher Rebecca Gamboa about the discussion in the aftermath of the tragedy.

That story and more on this episode of Statewide.

This week:

* Hannah Alani talks with a husband and wife who created a foundation in Peoria after their son died from a heroin overdose.

* Linda Lutton visits with the man behind a pirate radio station in Chicago.

* Sarah Fentem tells us about abortion providers in southern Illinois, bracing for an influx of patients from out of state.

* We listen to the a conversation from the health policy podcast Tradeoffs, which examines the "family glitch" in the Affordable Care Act.

* WNIJ's Peter Medlin reports on a rural community college trying to break the stigma of addiction.

* Susie An heads out in the field to bring us the story of students working on a multi-decade process of prairie restoration.

* Jane Carlson reports on a non-profit trying to end the problem of period poverty.

* We hear from Rebecca Gamboa, a teacher in Lombard, about how she's trying to help students process the recent school shooting in Texas.

* Maureen McKinney speaks with Rep. Barbara Hernandez, who suffered a stroke this spring, about her recovery.

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