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Illinois Program Helps Local Governments Expand Broadband

Director of the state Office of Broadband, Matt Schmit, says getting broadband internet to more people is now a necessity.

"Whether it's for distance learning or remote work, telehealth, staying connected with family members and your community, broadband connectivity is absolutely essential."

Schmit says organizations have been working to expand broadband access for years, but now is the best chance for progress.

"The difference is, the funding is here. We know how to finance these bills. whether it's through public grant funding or through those ARPA dollars that are currently availbale, the big question that has often plagued local governments in the past--how do we make the next step to make our vision a reality?--those dollars are available."

Local communities that have a need for broadband access can apply on the state website by December 30th.

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Aaryan Balu