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Statewide: The early days of a crisis

As AIDS cases first began showing up in Illinois, the disease was a mystery. As part of our series AIDS At 40, we look back to the beginning, the fear and the stigma.

Several communities in the Midwest are trying to pump up their economies by offering incentives to get people to move there. We'll find out how that's working. And with the eviction moratorium expired, many are at risk of being displaced. We get an update from one county.

Those stories and more on Statewide.

* Caroline Kubzansky reports on a large number of eviction proceedings in Sangamon County.

* Maureen McKinney reports for our AIDS At 40 series on how AIDS was viewed in the early years of the epidemic.

* Rich Egger tells us how some Black students at Western Illinois University in Macomb are raising concerns.

* We get a report from Chicago on how several schools have done away with police on campus.

* WNIJ's Peter Medlin explains how a school is using a U.S. Supreme Court case to re-evaluate school rules.

* Dan Libman and Spencer Tritt go in search of the origins of DeKalb County's delicacy known as beer nuggets.

* Harvest Public Media's Elizabeth Rembert reports on relocation incentives. Some communities are offering them with mixed success.

* WSIU's Kevin Boucher tells us about non-profits helping homebound seniors.

* Christine Herman talks with a pastor whose work as a hospital chaplain has made him more eager to promote the COVID vaccine.

* Side Effects Public Media's Farah Yousry explains how some shaky overseas research has wreaked havoc in the U.S. during the pandemic.

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