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Statewide: Big Ag U

An investigation by Harvest Public Media and Investigate Midwest delves into the influence of corporations on public universities across the Midwest. We'll hear more reporting on the subject.

Also, a longtime lobbyist is retiring and gives his thoughts on changes he's seen and how the public views state government.

Those stories and more on this episode of Statewide.

* Dana Cronin reports as part of the series Big Ag U on a controversy over the largest farmland asset manager making a major gift to the University of Illinois.

* Katie Peikes and Seth Bodine examine the growing ties between agribusiness and college campuses.

* Sarah Nardi with WGLT talks with the director of community outreach and engagement for Northwestern University's Center for Native American and Indigenous Research. They discuss what's lacking in education about indigenous people.

* Tim Shelley interviews Rob Fromberg about his book How To Walk With Steve about being a caregiver for his brother, who has autism.

* WBEZ's Patrick Smith reports on a gun violence survivor who experienced trauma that hasn't left.

* Yvonne Boose has the story of a northern Illinois art institution trying to maintain its pledge supporting Black, indigenous and people of color.

* Natalie Moore takes us to a gallery with an exhibit exploring themes from the play A Raisin In The Sun.

* Rich Egger reports on a woman in western Illinois who made an effort to remind drivers to share the road with farm machinery in rural areas.

* Caroline Kubzansky talks with retiring lobbyist Randy Witter as he wraps up nearly 50 years around state government.

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