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The Sound of Science - 'Connecting with Nature' Pt. 2


The Sound of Science - 'Connecting with Nature' Pt. 2

K.C. - This is The Sound of Science on WNIJ I'm K.C.

Ann - And I’m Ann, and we're with NIU STEAM.

K.C. - In the previous episode, we discussed people getting in touch with nature during the pandemic. How can we encourage more people to unplug from their technology and plug back into nature?

Ann -It’s actually quite simple just take 10 to 15 minutes a day, and you don't have to do anything really elaborate. It can be as simple as walking around the block, and take the dog too because I bet Fido wants to get outside and enjoy nature as well.

K.C. - That's a really great idea Ann.

Ann - Yeah, we can explore parks, forest preserves, we can do some volunteering with local organizations to clean up parks, clean rivers, we can remove invasive species. Or, if we want something a little bit more challenging, we can certainly plant a garden or a tree, for those that like to write and draw they can keep a nature journal.

K.C. - And another great thing that we could do, would be to maybe encourage younger people that really do like their technology, is get them outside with their phones and do a lot of photography.

Ann - Absolutely, because in addition to photography, you can keep track of birds on bird checklists. They can use programs to identify trees and other plants, they can identify animals or if they like to be out at night, they can use apps that can help them identify where the planets and the stars are in the sky. And the nice thing is people can keep a checklist or a tally of all the things they have seen outdoors.

K.C. – What’s really neat is to see something new in the app like you see something new and you get really excited about it and you can remember it forever really.

Ann – Absolutely, and then I can use that app then to learn something new about an animal or a tree.

K.C. - This has been The Sound of Science on WNIJ.

Ann - Where you learn something new every day.

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