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WNIJ Needs Your Vote For A Goat

Spencer Tritt

WNIJ listeners are the Greatest Of All Time (in our humble opinion). To celebrate, we’re partnering with Tin Shed Farm in Sycamore for a special live event.

Tin Shed’s three beautiful acres are home to bees, chickens, and… you guessed it … goats! Two of those goats are even competing to help raise funds for their favorite WNIJ programming.

Join us for a live event on Facebook and Instagram. That’s Sept. 29 at noon. You’ll meet the goats and find out the winner. They’ll get a special treat, and so will we!

In the meantime, cast a vote for your favorite goat when you call or click to give during the fall membership campaign!

Meet S’Mores
Spencer Tritt
  • Born in 2020
  • Loves to be near her sister Mochi.
  • She is a sweet little goat who wants plenty of attention.
  • Spends her days running around the farm, foraging for leaves, and sunbathing in the field.

S’Mores loves to catch WNIJ music shows like Sessions from Studio A. If S’Mores wins, $1,000 extra will go toward music programming.

Meet Zorro
Spencer Tritt
  • Born in 2017
  • One of the first kids born at Tin Shed Farm.
  • He’s a friendly goat who loves people.
  • When a pair of young goats lost their mother, he adopted them and began snuggling with them at night.

Zorro is an early riser and keeps informed with Morning Edition. If Zorro wins, $1,000 extra will go toward newsroom projects.