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The Sound of Science - 'Connecting with Nature' Pt. 1


The Sound of Science - 'Connecting with Nature' Pt. 1

K.C. - Welcome to The Sound of Science on WNIJ, this is K.C. and today I'm joined by Ann.

Ann - Hi, we’re with NIU STEAM.

K.C. - You know, I’ve noticed lately I see a lot more people outside since the start of the pandemic. It's really nice to see families out enjoying nature and looking at flowers and trees and being in the parks, certainly been in one of the benefits of the pandemic.

Ann - I agree being outside can be so beneficial for our health, it improves our mood, it can increase our concentration if we've been working on a problem, it can reduce anxiety. I'm even reading reports that it can lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormone levels. Doctors are now even prescribing nature as a way to reduce feelings of isolation, more physical activity so that leads to you know, so there's not as much obesity.

K.C. - I do a lot of hikes around the area, and I always feel much better after a hike. I get the fresh air. I can see the flowers. I love to smell the flowers. It's just like a reset.

Ann – Absolutely, and what we need to do is create more green spaces for people who don't have access. So, for example in urban areas there is almost like park deserts, similar to a food desert, except some people don't have access to green spaces. So, there's actually organizations working to create more green space, so within a 10 minute walk you'll have somewhere to go to get fresh air and interact with nature.

K.C. - I'm a big fan of architecture, and I've noticed a lot of buildings in Chicago and in New York City are including green space in the design from the start. With the architecture on one building in Hudson Yards particularly called “The Spiral” has trees that spiral up around the building which is really really neat to me.

Ann – Yeah, and hospitals are doing that as well, adding green spaces outside of patient windows.

K.C. - This has been The Sound of Science on WNIJ.

Ann - Where you learn something new everyday.

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