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The Sound of Science - 'Being Severe Weather Ready'


The Sound of Science - 'Being Severe Weather Ready'

Ann - Welcome to The Sound of Science on WNIJ, I’m Ann.

K.C. - I'm K.C., and we're from NIU STEAM.

Ann - Hey K.C. did you see those tornadoes a few weeks ago?

K.C. - I sure did! One traveled within a mile from my house. I was in the basement seeking shelter when the tornado warning was issued.

Ann - I went into my basement when there was a tornado warning too. What else can I do to become more weather ready?

K.C. - Well, having a basement is only part of the story when a severe weather warning is issued. It's important to have many supplies in your basement just in case.

Ann - So, what supplies do I need just to be ready?

K.C. - Well, you need a pair of shoes, food and water as well as a helmet to protect your head from flying debris if your home is damaged. If you have pets, you will need pet food and other pet supplies like leashes and a pet carrier. And it's very important that when you need to seek shelter, you remember your pets as well. Also, remember to have a flashlight with fresh batteries and your cell phones charged.

Ann - What about people that don't have a basement?

K.C. - The first thing is they have a way to get warnings. Cell phones have many apps available and many have automatic emergency notifications. The second thing everyone without a basement needs to do is find an interior room without windows. That is the best place to go when severe weather strikes.

Ann - What about when I'm at the store or in my car?

K.C. - If you're in a store, then find the marked tornado shelters. Employees in the stores should be directing everyone to safety. Many bathrooms are marked as tornado shelters, so it's important to notice those signs the next time you're anywhere you shop. As always, be aware of what the weather forecast is that day. If you're in your car, lying in a ditch is a last resort. Also, definitely never ever go up under an overpass. This is extremely dangerous because if a tornado passes it will cause a wind tunnel effect.

Ann - This has been The Sound of Science on WNIJ.

K.C. - Where you learn something new every day.

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