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Illinois Executive Inspector General Stepping Down


The state official who led an investigation into political hiring under former Governor Pat Quinn's administration is resigning.

Executive Inspector General Ricardo Meza is stepping down this month, after more than four-and-a-half years investigating allegations of misconduct in the governor's office, 40 state agencies, and public universities.

Much of what Meza's office does is kept secret -- like investigations that don't produce findings of wrongdoing.

Even some of those that do can be kept confidential.

But others -- like the report of patronage hiring at the Illinois Dept. of Transportation, make headlines. The findings dogged Gov. Quinn throughout his failed campaign for re-election.

Meza has for years been pushing to make more reports public:

"I just believe that the public has the right to know what our founded reports are and what they say."

So far, though, the General Assembly hasn't agreed to Meza's requested change.

That'll be left to a new inspector general -- to be appointed by the governor -- to pursue.

In a statement, Meza says he's ready to move on. He'll join a Midwest law firm's Chicago office.