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Contamination Probe Takes New Direction In Northern Illinois Town

Mike Moen/WNIJ

It appears there are new environmental concerns in a small northern Illinois town dealing with a toxic-water mess. Soil samples are at the center of the latest phase of the investigation in the community of Wedron. Contaminated groundwater is what brought state and federal EPA officials to this LaSalle County town more than two years ago.

Over the course of time, the agencies confirmed the presence of unsafe levels of benzene and other chemicals in private wells. Those wells were replaced as investigators connected the dots on which companies may have been the sources of the contamination.

But now it appears there's another layer being added to the probe. The U.S. EPA says it now has determined the extent of recent soil samples that tested positive for harmful chemicals. Officials say they need it find out if any additional groundwater supplies are being impacted.

Plans are also being made to test the air quality in this unincorporated community.

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