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Special Session: Illinois Lawmakers Plan To Create Pension Committee

state of Illinois

Illinois lawmakers will gather for a special session Wednesday. They were called to address the state's pension crisis. But they're expected to pass off the problem to a legislative committee. Leaders in the House and Senate can't come together on an overhaul. So each chamber has agreed to send five members - three Democrats, and two Republicans - to a joint conference committee.

House Speaker Michael Madigan says the goal is simple.

"And hopefully the people appointed to the conference committee, will be able to strike a compromise on the issue" Madigan said.

Despite his hopes for a compromise, others have concerns, including GOP Rep. Darlene Senger of Naperville.

"That's where the concern is: how this conference is controlled, who gets appointed to the committees, how long do the committees last, what ... where is the final say on everything? What regulations do you put in it?" Senger said.

The governor hopes to call lawmakers back to Springfield next month to vote on a compromise bill.