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Concealed Carry Deadline Extended

Illinois residents waiting for the right to carry a weapon in public will have to wait a bit longer.  A request to delay a federal deadline has been approved. A federal court ruled last year that Illinois's concealed carry ban was unconstitutional. The state had until June 9th to finalize a law.

In the final days of the spring session, lawmakers passed a proposal that complies with the order, but would also limit places where guns could be taken. The late approval gave the Governor only a few days to decide how he will act on it. But Illinois' constitution says the governor shall have 60 days to review legislation.

On Monday, the State Attorney General filed an appeal to extend the federal deadline using that argument. Lisa Madigan says the court sided with her office, and moved the deadline to July 9th.

The governor has yet to say how he will act on the measure. Illinois is the only state that prohibits concealed carry.