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Quinn Urges Madigan To Appeal Concealed Carry Ruling

Governor Pat Quinn says Illinois' only hope to retain its ban on concealed carry is for the attorney general to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.  But the attorney general says she's waiting to see what the General Assembly does. 

Illinois is the only state without some form of concealed carry, but a federal court says legislators have until June to pass a law that will let people to carry a loaded gun in public.

Governor Quinn says Attorney General Lisa Madigan should try to get that decision reversed, by appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Well, it's up to her. She's the lawyer for the people of Illinois and I certainly respect her prerogative. But I think this is so serious. I believe in gun safety and I think the people of Illinois believe in gun safety." -Gov. Pat Quinn
"That is certainly something we're considering, but in large part it is also impacted by what the legislature decides to do. If the legislature passes a bill then appealing would not necessarily be something we would need to do because it would become moot." -Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan

She says if Illinois legalizes concealed carry, she'd be appealing over a ban that no longer exists ... which the court wouldn't take.

Madigan's contemplating challenging Quinn for the Democratic nomination for governor next year ... she gave no indication of when she'd make a decision.

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