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Burial: Melancholic Electronic Dub

A U.K.-based electronic dance musician, Burial works in a genre called "dubstep." Known for its dark moods and emphasis on bass and rhythm, dubstep originated in London around 2000; since then, numerous electronic musicians have taken notice and latched on to the big sound.

In 2006, Burial released his self-titled debut album, receiving a great deal of attention from the press — especially since no one but his label knows Burial's identity. The album was named the album of the year by The Wire magazine.

Burial's latest CD is Untrue, a dubstep album infused with U.K. garage-music roots. Clear syncopations, heavy rhythmic patterns and muffled bass create energetic and exciting songs. The infectious but not over-processed songs on his album evoke a sense of melancholic emotion, and are more than worth a listen.

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