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Passing a state budget is arguably the most important thing the Illinois General Assembly does every year — or at least should do every year.

After last year's drama — when a two-year standoff ended with a Republican revolt against Governor Bruce Rauner — it's an open question about how things will go this year.

So I set out to answer a simple question: Will there be another impasse?

The question may sound simple, but the answer, like most things in state government, is complicated.

Lawmaker Says Cook County Soda Tax Is A Statewide Concern

Oct 5, 2017

Downstate Illinoisans should be concerned about Cook County’s controversial sales tax on sweetened beverages, even though they don’t have to pay it, according to State Sen. Chapin Rose, R-Mahomet.

Rose has introduced a bill to overturn the penny-per-ounce sales tax that took effect in Cook County last March.

Rockford Public Schools

State Sen. Chapin Rose, R-Mahomet, said he's filing a measure designed to launch major changes in higher education.

Citing the high out-migration of students to other states, Rose wants to make it easier for Illinois students to enter state universities.

He aims to create a common application form for all 12 public university campuses and guarantee acceptance for any student who finished high school with a B average.

A Republican lawmaker from Mahomet who has championed protection for the aquifer that supplies water to east-central Illinois, will serve on the task force charged with that very task. 

Last spring, the Illinois General Assembly approved creation of the Mahomet Aquifer task force, and now the state is appointing its members.

State Sen. Chapin Rose, R-Mahomet, was appointed to the task force. He says he and his task force colleagues hope to have their findings turn into public policy or law.

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 Legislation signed into law last week allows emergency medical personnel to administer epinephrine using a vial and syringe.

The drug is often used to treat severe allergic reactions, such as from being stung by a bee. The cost of the auto-injector known as EpiPen has increased several times over in recent years.


GOP State Senator Chapin Rose says the idea for the law grew out of conversations with an east-central Illinois fire department. 


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The budget stalemate has meant no state funding this year for state universities, community colleges and Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants. A central Illinois Republican says he has a solution.

State Sen. Chapin Rose of Mahomet proposes restoring higher education funding, although somewhat lower than in the past. His proposal would fund state universities at 80% of last year’s levels and community college at 90%; MAP grant funding would remain at the same level as last year.