Top Ten New Laws List For 2018 Released By Illinois Democrats

Dec 29, 2017

Illinois State Democrats recently released their list of top ten laws going into effect after the New Year.

Credit State of Illinois

More than 200 Illinois laws will go into effect after January first. That includes sale stickers having to be removed from car windshields before going on the road. 

Another new law will also give 16- and 17-year-olds the option to become an organ donor when applying for a driver’s license or state ID card. Early childhood programs will also be required to find services to handle misbehaving children rather than expelling them.

New tech laws will consider cyber-stalking or transmitting obscene messages as hate crimes, along with expanding cyberstalking penalties to include tracking software and threats.

One law will make August 4th Barack Obama Day in Illinois to honor his presidency. Another will allow domestic violence victims to break cell phone contracts without financial penalty and keep their numbers when they leave their abusers.

Businesses where women may end up paying more than men, like dry cleaners or hair salons, will have to post price lists for standard services under a new law. That’s so consumers can make more informed decisions. Custody for pets can become part of divorce proceedings in a new law.

Elephants can no longer be used in circuses or traveling animal acts in Illinois after Jan. 1.