Race In The Rock River Valley: Black And Blue

Nov 18, 2016

Assembling a police force that “looks like the community” is an important goal for many American cities. But it can be a slow process. 11% of Rockford’s police force is black, compared to 21% of the overall population.

Credit Rockford Register Star

Today, we continue our series “Race in the Rock River Valley” by looking at how diversity affects police operations. It’s part of a year-long collaboration with the Rockford Register Star. WNIJ’s Susan Stephens spoke with reporter Chris Green about his story “Being Black and Blue,” where he interviewed African American officers about their experiences with law enforcement.

Saturday, Nov. 19, the Race in the Rock River Valley series goes live during a community forum at Midway Village and Museum Center in Rockford. It’s free, but attendees have to reserve tickets in advance.