Jessie Schlacks


Jessie started at Northern Public Radio as an intern after transferring from Rock Valley College in her hometown. As a fresh graduate from NIU's journalism department, Jessie raked in experience at NIU's student-run television station, the Northern Television Center.

Jessie works as WNIJ's All Things Considered Producer, and briefly served as Morning Edition Producer. She enjoys the digital journalism aspect of the job and hunting down story ideas.

Her time is also spent reporting on social and human interest issues. She also has the pleasure of working with interns and showing them the ropes.

In her free time, she uses audio recording equipment to gather stories of hospice patients for their families. She also loves long-distance running and true crime.

At the station, she can often be found in the break room making really strong coffee.

Susan Stephens / WNIJ

Treatment is one piece of the puzzle in tackling the opioid epidemic. But people seeking help in Illinois may face another major challenge … paying for it. Health insurance companies pose different requirements for getting these medications. Some physicians say this can lead patients back to the streets. In this week’s Friday Forum, WNIJ’s Jessie Schlacks looks at obstacles for people ready to defeat their addiction ... and how lawmakers are trying to fill the gaps.

Jessie Schlacks/WNIJ

It’s been nearly a month since the deadline passed for Congress to make changes to the DACA program – or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This week’s Friday Forum brings us different perspectives on the issues faced by this immigrant group.

Last fall, President Donald Trump issued an executive order to end the DACA program. Lawmakers were given six months to form a compromise bill -- but didn’t accomplish the task by the March 5 deadline.